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The primary goal of all our services have one thing in common, customer satisfaction. No matter what, we always plan ahead, coordinate, and execute a plan that delivers. Communication, a key aspect of our customer relations, keeps you informed from your initial phone call/email, to job completion and beyond. Communication coupled with strong, dedicated work ethic and a genuine love for the work we do, creates a memorable client experience which, in turn, fosters a long lasting two-way relationship between us.

Warranties are just one facet of the total customer experience which lends a peace of mind to you, our customer, knowing that we are not just here for today but will be there for you in the future, should the need arise. We have warranties that fit every budget which can help protect your investment either for a short run or for many years to come. During your next service call, our highly-trained service technicians would be happy to explain your warranty options and their potential benefits.

We know that issues with your plumbing, heating and air conditioning may cause you undue stress and anxiety. Our methodology aims to reduce this by providing you with an upfront written estimate, informing you of your options, and gaining your approval before any work starts. Unlike time and material-type companies, you may not know the total costs until the job has been completed. These costs may be exasperated by a slow technician, project difficulties, defective products, scheduling issues and so much more.

Rest assure that won’t happen here. On time, upfront-pricing, superior quality, and a great warranty is what you get when using Even Flow Inc.

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Emergency Repairs


Innovations in water and energy conservation have been at the forefront of the plumbing industry, changing how we live day-to-day. Even Flow Inc. is here to provide you with the most proven and up-to-date technology. We have our finger on the pause of America and are at the forefront of high tech water saving devices that improve your daily life while saving our precious resource, water.

Our everyday plumbing fixtures have dramatically changed from years gone by. Some toilets only use 1.2 gallons per flush while others are dual flushing acting like a urinal flush while the other is a normal water saving flush. Sinks, faucets, showers, toilet seats and basically all other plumbing fixtures have gone through their own changes too. We can help you decide what is right for you needs. Just ask.

From your water’s point of delivery into your home to when it leaves to the drain line, we install plumbing systems that are safe and dependable, bring you modern day solutions right to your home.

Whether you have faucet repairs or a large construction job, we will work diligently to make your concepts reality and all for an affordable price. So, whether you have a pesky faucet drip that is so minuscule only you know of it’s existence or a total failure of your water heater we can help.

Don’t feel intimidated under any circumstance bringing us your particular plight or your dream of being comfortable in your own home. We remain steadfast in remedying your ills or bringing fruition to your awe inspiring creations.

We use high tech plumbing systems and installation methods designed with your project in mind. Need a water valve installed quickly on a copper line with minimal down time? We can accommodate it using the Propress system and our special tools and training. This system has many benefits such as no smoke, no open flame, no flux, can be installed on a system that is off but has water in it and the fittings can be used on many different applications.

Want or need PEX water Lines? We can install that too. PEX tubing can accommodate freezing without breaking, is very flexible for difficult installations and quick to employ.

We can also install any other code approved systems, so if you have a particular need just give us a call.

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Wow! Need I say more. We have come a long way in a short period of time. Much like the auto industry, we are now embarking on high tech computer controlled, wi-fi enabled, control from your phone components and systems. These systems will leave some companies in the dust because of the need to keep up to date with training and all the tools that go along with it. Not here at Even Flow Inc, we are seemingly continuously being educated on the current trends and technologies.

Wasting money by watching it go up your chimney is a thing of the past and we can both help you decided what’s best for you and then deploy the cost saving solution. Saving money also means creating a smaller carbon footprint for you thus helping to reduce the worlds climate change. We work with many different manufacturers of boilers and furnaces and by doing so offers you the best possible heating solutions. From steam boilers, hot water baseboard, radiant systems to furnaces, that are up to 95% efficient, we can install some simple yet sophisticated systems with components that deliver superior comfort and energy savings.

Whether you need your existing system maintained, repaired or replaced or even for a new installation, Even Flow Inc can help. Your satisfaction and comfort is paramount to us. Why not schedule your appointment now to see how we can bring comfort back into your home.

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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Along with heating, air conditioning has undergone vast changes too. By 2020 no more R22 will be produced but most manufacturers are already off if that standard due to its massive effects on the environment and climate change. One of the most popular residential refrigerants is R410A. It closely mimics R22s ability to cool but has substantially higher pressures than its predecessor necessitating system design changes, tools and training.

We are here to help you decide what system is best for you depending on your needs. These systems can help you save money while remaining very comfortable in your home. We can help you decide if repairing your existing system is best or investing in a new system makes sense. Showing you the different solutions puts you in the driver seat empowering you with the tools, knowledge and upfront pricing from Even Flow Inc. to make an intelligent decision.

Need a duct-less mini-split system? It seems to be everywhere and on everyone’s mind. They can be a great system if your trying just to cool or even possibly heat small to medium size rooms. Can I benefit from such a system? Let us show you the benefits and discuss options that you may have.

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Indoor Climate Control

Older homers need to be tighter to reduce infiltration and newer tightly constructed homes need to control their indoor climate by adding fresh air. We can help by listening to your issues and developing and implementing their solutions. We can help by adding fresh air, mix it with inside air, adding humidity or removing it by dehumidifying your home. Controls and sensors are essential for maintaining a comfortable home. There are many solutions from UV air purifiers to heat recovery systems that bring fresh air in to maintain a healthy home. We are here to help guide you through many solutions on the market and which ones best meet your needs.. Call now to find how.